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Cool Beer Brewing images

Some cool beer brewing images:

Two Beers’ Brewing Company Trailhead ISA
beer brewing
Image by JerryDAndrews

beer brewing
Image by Jon.Jennings
A couple of bottles of Jennings beer. Yep – the family brewery. Well, actually, apparently a different branch… not related unfortunately. And there’s no members of the Jennings family on the board anymore anyway.

I’m told that Jennings beer used to have a really bad reputation but these bottles, part of a pair of cases I brought back from a trip to the Lake District in the mid 90s, were delicious. In fact all the Jennings beer I drank up there was excellent. Even the plain Bitter was good.

And yes, I drank these beers 15 years ago and have been carrying the bottles around ever since in anticipation of brewing my own beer again. Why? Look closely at the glass… yep, they’re embossed with the name of the brewery. Isn’t that awesome? How many people have personalized glass for their homebrew?

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