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home beer brewing
Image by trekker308
The brewery where this beer is produced is about 1km. from our home, and when they do a brew batch (generally Wednesday a.m.) we get the beautiful aroma of hops in the air ……. so it seems churlish not to taste it as often as possible πŸ˜‰

Loads of physio for my broken arm, but mending is so s-l-o-w …..

Schouskjelleren Dust Bowl IPA
home beer brewing
Image by Bernt Rostad
A glass of Dust Bowl IPA from tap at Schouskjelleren Mikrobryggeri in Oslo.

Dust Bowl IPA is a 6% abv india pale ale that was heavily dry-hopped to create an aromatic beer. It was brewed on April 13, so it was only 13 days old when it was put on tap.

It poured a cloudy, orange-tinged brown color with a nice beige head. It sported a wonderful hop aroma, with both citrus and pine notes. The mouthfeel was medium heavy with a smooth, creamy texture – perfect carbonation. The flavor started with mild caramel and a juicy citrus character from the dry-hopping. Halfway through the sip, the yeast took over and masked the hops, but in the aftertaste the bittering hops cleared the yeast taste and created a good clean finish.

This beer is still a bit fresh, but give it a week to let the yeast settle and it should be a delicious, refreshing and hoppy IPA.

Bias disclaimer.
I was flattered when Schouskjelleren brewer, John Hudson, asked me if I would like to "design" a beer for him, as I’m not even a home brewer. He proposed some hops and malts and I did my best to select ingredients for the beer I jokingly had proposed to him a few days earlier, as I entered the pub with my throat dry from dust: Dust Bowl IPA. So beer over with me in my praise πŸ™‚

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