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Nice Home Beer Brewing photos

A few nice home beer brewing images I found:

St. Pauli Girl
home beer brewing
Image by Bjørn Giesenbauer
I got totally confused when I read on th bottle that the beer is from my home town Bremen!

But then I found out that it is brewed by Beck’s:

But no-one in Bremen wears Bavarian Dirndl dresses…

home beer brewing
Image by nesson-marshall

Buying Local
home beer brewing
Image by pecooper98362
The Butternuts Beer & Ale Brewery has a tasting room in what used to be the milk room in the dairy barn where it is located. gets you a taste of 7 different beers with an explanation of what went into each. In addition to the Porkslap Pale Ale, which I had tried, I tasted this one, Snapperhead IPA. This is a malt-forward India Pale Ale which has a nice flavor and leaves a splendid aftertaste. Naturally, I brought some home.

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