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Beer Brewing Instructions

IntroductionDIY Cheap Beer

It sounds unimaginable thinking of brewing your beer right? You will want to think who does that?  You must have had of inmates brewing their own win from moonshiners as well as cooking their whiskey but not beer. After a visit to a home that brews its beer, you will find out how much of fun it is to brew your beer and how much you will be saving ultimately.

It does not require high-tech equipment to brew your beer at home. A few equipment will get it done, and this includes a big pot,  twelve 2 liters bottles, hose clamp, siphon hose with a vinyl tubing as well as a size ten plastic pail.

From the ingredients, it is quite easy to put together. You need 40-ounce of malt extract in whichever flavor of beer that suits you. Some beer extract comes in a pre-hopped form, as it brings this hoppy flavor into your beer. You require 1 TSP of brewer’s yeast and at list 6-7 cups of white sugar. To put out that premium taste I recommend 9 cups of corn syrup.

To purchase this ingredient you will need about $15.and the said $15 would give approximately 70 bottles of fresh beer think of it. You cannot compare it with any jackpot.

The most important factor in brewing is that your environment for brewing has to be clean. Apply warm water and detergent, rinse very well and sanitize the whole area with household bleach and one teaspoon for a gallon of water.

After setting up and cleaning the gear and you are ready to brew.

Steps to produce your beer

  1. Pour into the pail 10 liters of cold water.
  2. Use a big pot and pour 7 liters of water to boil
  3. Introduce the malt extract, stir very well and cook for 25 minutes.
  4. Now add the sugar, corn syrup, and stir it to completely dissolve
  5. Insert the other sugar and corn syrup quickly into the pail to will add more air; yeast loves air, it allows events happen faster.
  6. Add some bottles of water into the bucket till it gets down to room temperature
  7. Add the yeast, and stir it very well before covering it

You need the lid to be closed and ensure it is in a safe place of about 70 degrees, and it should be within 7-12 days precisely. To be sure that the beer is ready for consumption, the beer shouldn’t be sweet, and the bubbles should not be much

When you want to bottle the beer, ensure your pail is placed far higher than the caster, and you need to add two teaspoons of sugar to every bottle. Make sure your beer is siphoned into the bottle carefully; ensure not to disturb its sentiment at the bottom of the bottle. They need air, therefore, do not fill the bottle to the top. The beer will be ready for consumption in another 3-4 days; one fact is that the longer you allow it settle, the better it will taste.

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