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Co2 Beer Regulator Dual Gauge

Co2 Beer Regulator Dual Gauge Draft Beer Dispensing Kegerator Heavy Duty

diy beer brewing equipmentdiy beer brewing equipment

Pro Co2 Beer regulator. The heavy duty double gauge and professional grade tool that will always tell you working pressure and tank pressure with pinpoint accuracy. Comes with features such as:

Hassle free knob style pressure dial that allows for hassle-free, no-tool adjusting Dual gauges for maximum control of how much pressure goes in and out of the keg Smart Barbed output for easily connecting/ switching between kegs and tanks Shut-off valve with built-in check valve for beer back-up prevention Pressure safety & permanent seal at the inlet nipple that provides enhanced protection of leaks Heavy duty construction Heavy duty dual gauges Big body for less pressure fluctuation Large adjustment knob with lock ring, no tool required Outlet barb sized for use with 5/16” ID gas hose Regulator has a pressure safety system with blow off at 55 to 60 PSI Eliminates the need for fiber washers upon refill.


  • HEAVY DUTY – DUAL GAUGE This is a completely standard unit – you can be assured it works with everything! This regulator features a convenient knob style pressure dial that can be adjusted without tools. You will need an adjustable wrench to tighten the lock-down nut. You can feel the heft of this unit at almost three pounds and if your Co2 tank is correctly chained to the wall it should last you a very long time.
  • HAS a barbed output allowing you connect a variety of gas line types easily. There is a shutoff valve so you can relieve the pressure and easily switch kegs and tanks.
  • WORKS GREAT works great with the big 15 gallon beer kegs, 5 gallon corny kegs, and even with the tiny blue Carbacap bottle carbonators! Regulator includes chrome shutoff valve with built in spring loaded check valve to prevent beer from flowing backward into the gas lines.
  • Equipped with all the specs a business owner could ever ask, this tool will become your dependable, go-to pressure monitoring solution that will offer you the peace of mind you need. CO2 Beer Regulator, The Pro’s Choice!




  • High-quality regulator with easy-to-read gauges.
  • Much better than regulator that comes stock on kegerator.
  • super easy to setup
  • Good for carbonating cider and wine.
  • Works well for carbonating soft drinks, although the safety release valve is calibrated about 10psi lower than the stated range (opens around 50psi, not 60).



  • It works but is rough and the tank pressure gauge is not accurate.
  • sometimes you have to back it almost all the way off and start from zero and go up.
  • Bad fitting of the 1/4″ male into the regulator from the CGA-320 female. Poor QC.
  • Hard to regulate. Very slow leak.
  • It leaks gas at 42 PSI or so.
  • good regulator but a little stiff with the regulator knob.
  • No easy grip.
  • The knob is hard to turn without a wrench.

diy beer brewing equipmentdiy beer brewing equipment



Good quality product comes with amazing features and also easy to setup. There are two PTFE washers provided with the regulator (one already installed, and one replacement). If you’re getting leaks, make sure you have a washer installed, and that the regulator is _really_ tightly connected to the tank. You’ll need a channel lock pliers or an adjustable wrench, you cannot hand-tighten the tank connector and expect no leaks at 2000+psi.

We have the brewing guides to help you make that perfect beer.

I was able to style my very own device to do the technique by spreading out a lock washing machine and also securing it with a lock pliers to do the method however it was a little challenging to arrange out just what required to be done on my very own having no experience with regulatory authorities or stress alleviation shutoffs. The regulatory authority outcome stress handle on the face of the regulatory authority transforms a lot more tough the greater the stress. The outcome stress dial goes up to 60 as well as typically journeys the stress alleviation at 45 … by changing the alleviation setup I could currently carbonate up to 52-55 array, as well as it does make an obvious distinction in my viewpoint.

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