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Easy Beer Brewing


DIY Cheap BeerWith the upsurge in the price of beer, most persons are turning to homebrew to cut cost on one beverage that is loved by many. When you think of the fact that brewing beer at home would only cost you a dollar per bottle of beer, and then you can imagine how much it will cost you when you go for the can of 24. There is a significant advantage when you make it at home as it will put some cash in your pocket.

At first, when you start brewing beer at home, you will be required to buy a pack that contains all the required ingredients to produce a batch of beer. You need the malt and the sugar that is fermentable, the water alongside the yeast and all that is required is to turn it into the bucket and allow the processes to go through. This beer may not be the best you have ever tested but it is your start, and it is vital. As soon as you understand the processes involved in beer making, then it gives room for you to try other recipes and ingredients.  And that is the significant factor in the home brew hobby .the fact that you can now use other ingredients than the regular beer recipes like malt, hops, barley, and yeast. This singular reason has pulled many into this great venture and you are also not limited by the main ingredients of beer coming out of your tap. There is various distilled water that will create this difference in the taste of your beer. Therefore go all out to experiment and get that brand of beer that your heart desires

When you brew your beer at home, it comes with much better recipes for making beer. This venture has taken a new dimension as you are now open to wide range of exotic ingredients for brewing your beer. In every website; you will find over 1000 to 2000 different ingredients for brewing beer. The good news is that these recipes are free irrespective of the methods you are looking for at the website. Be it Alpine IPA, or Geordie Brown, even Highlander ALE, they are all free; you will see the ingredients listed on their site, and even the procedure you are required to follow in the beer production. Why do you think of importing a bear from another country that you once experience when you can brew it yourself at little cost.

The truth is brewing a home beer is quite easy and cheap, all you require are the essential items, and straight away you can go ahead with the recipes to brew the beer, just ensure that all the tools are sterilized and kept clean.


  1. make sure your brewing bucket is thoroughly clean before you commence
  2. make sure the paddle for stirring is clean, even the top cover and the beaker, put them in the brewing pail and sterilize them with warm water
  3. Add approximately four teaspoons of SDP cleaning agent, and fill it with hot water to the top and let be there for 20 minutes.
  4. The bucket has to be clean to ensure that the cleaning agent is total removed.
  5. Put the syrup container inside warm water and allow for 5 minutes melting the liquid slightly so it can flow freely
  6. Then pour a cup of cooled sterilized water, and add the dry yeast and allow it stand for 10 minutes. This process is to rehydrate the yeast and not a yeast starter.

Open the containers of the brewing syrup with a tin opener. Then add to the brewing pail, add warm hot water into the bowl and stir to remove the liquid that is remaining.

  1. 3.5 liters of boiling water should be add and stirred with a paddle.
  2. Make it up to 40-pint mark (23 liters) of cold water. Stir till the syrup is dissolved completely. If you have bacterial issues with your water, make sure you boil the water before using. Do not forget to stir air back into the solution.
  3. Introduce the re-hydrated yeast already brewed and mix. The yeast has to be in around the same temperature as the wart, to avoid thermal shock. Don’t add to the wart, where the wart is still boiling then the yeast will die.
  4. Make an air-tight seal by pressing the cover tightly to the bucket. Then insert your blow off tube or even the sterilized air-lock.
  5. If you have a heating belt or plate use it as the belt has shown that it does speed the brewing process up, where it is possible the bucket should be in a location where it does not move before you go to the second process
  6. Use a hydrometer to check the gravity after 4 to 6 days. Ensure that the gravity is Constant below 1014.
  7. Use plenty of cold water to clean the barrel very well
  8. Add four teaspoonful of SDP to empty the barrel. Add hot water and allow for 20 minutes
  9. A container filled with near boiling water with SDP and after that stir. The siphon tube should be placed, and a tap has to be attached to the container, ensure that the solution fills the tube while the tube is open and shouldn’t be air bubbles.
  10. After about 20 minutes the tap should be closed. It will fill the valve with the cleaning solution.

The barrel should be cleaned with plenty of cold water to remove the traces of SDP

  1. For 40 pint you will need an average of 20 teaspoonful of sugar in other to dissolve the sugar. And it should be dissolved in hot water.
  2. The bucket has to be place on a level that is higher than the barrel and do not shake the content of the bucket as you siphon. Otherwise, sediments will begin to move around.
  3. Where you do not have a cane to rack, and then put the tube used for the siphoning inside the bucket as far down as you can go, without disturbing the sedimentation process
  4. The tap should be opened to allow the clean fluid, drain into a waste container, under gravity. As soon as the cleaning solution has emptied itself and the tube is filled with beer.
  5. The tube should be inside the barrel, and the tap opened. The tube has to be in beer at every point and don’t forget to disturb the sedimentation process in the bottom.
  6. Apply petroleum jelly on the first seal before it is tightly screwed.
  7. Allow it stands in a warm place for two days. Use heater belt or plate for this purpose.
  8. Let it in a cool place for two weeks, until the beer is cleared up before you can drink
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