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Home Brewed Beer – A Great Hobby

With the continuing rise in the price of beer, many people are turning to home beer brewing to save costs on one of their favorite beverages. When you consider that making beer at home could work out to costing you one dollar for each bottle of home brew you make, I’ll let you figure out how much you can save versus going to your local beer retailer for a case of 24. There are definitely some monetary advantages to making beer at home. But there are definitely some other advantages as well and we will talk about some of those advantages in this article as you follow along.

When you first start making home brewed beer you usually buy a kit that contains all of the ingredients required to make a batch of beer. You get the malt, the fermentable sugar, the water and the yeast and you simply poured it all into a pail and wait for the processes to finish. Now, the product is probably not going to be the best beer you’ve ever tasted but it definitely is going to give you your start and that is the important aspect of all. Because once you begin to understand how beer is made you can then move on to experiment with various beer recipes and different ingredients. And that is probably the largest change to the home beer brewing hobby in the last decade. The simple fact that you can now get much better access and individual choice beyond the basic beer kits when it comes to the necessary ingredients of malt, hops, barley and yeast. That fact alone has drawn a whole lot more people into the hobby of making beer at home. And home beer makers are no longer limited by the water [a main ingredient of beer ] that comes out of your tap either. Nowadays you can find a large variety of bottled and distilled water that can make a great deal of difference in the resulting taste of your home brewed beer. You can now experiment to your hearts content with that one basic ingredient to get that exact beer taste you so desire.

Another great advantage to brewing your own beer at home comes in the form of much better beer recipes that have been developed over the past 10 years. The hobby has reached entirely new heights and you now have access to a wide variety of delicious, exotic beer recipes to try out. Some websites today have between 1000 and 2000 different home brewed beer recipes that you can try. And the important thing is, whether you are looking for an Alpine IPA, a Geordie Brown Ale or a Highlander Ale, these recipes are free! They list the ingredients, the time to ferment as well as the procedures to follow in making the beer. You no longer have to travel to a foreign country to get a beer you once experienced, all you have to do is come up with the recipe, the ingredients and you make it all at home. That alone is a compelling reason to get into home brewing your own beer, the fact you are no longer limited by the selection in your local beer store. You can travel the world through the use of the Internet to find an old beer you savored and or new beer you just can’t wait to try!

As you can see, there are a number of great advantages to making your own beer at home. And while cost can be a major factor, a true beer lover is really looking for that unique taste in a beer that often only home beer brewing can give you. You can get started in this hobby today by simply visiting your local home brewing supplier or by visiting our website online. Either way, you are started on a unique journey in home beer brewing. Happy beer tasting my friend!

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