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How to Brew Beer With a Beer Making Kit

You have decided to take the plunge hey? You think its time to delve into the world of home brewing? Well you have made an excellent decision, but I am sure the question rings in your head, how do I make my first home brew? Do I buy all the home brew supplies and make it myself or do I go out and buy a beer making kit?

Since I am guessing it is your first time learning how to brew beer making home brew beer, it’s best that you start off with a beer making kit, that way you understand the processes, ingredients, equipment and supplies involved, but how to choose the right kit?

You need to ask yourself a few questions in order to decide what sort of beer making kit you are going to need, such as; Simplicity (is it easy to use?), Quality (Do they include good ingredients?), Cost (How much does it cost?), Variety (What sort of beer do you want to make?) so you can ensure that you get started in this hobby on the right foot and actually enjoy your first brew, so let me take you through the questions.


Using a beer making kit is the easiest way to go but you need to choose the easiest one to use when starting out, this can be a little daunting guessing this before you buy it. Usually a good sign the kit is easy to use if there is some good initial instructions on the side of the box, and a detailed description of what comes in the kit. Within that description you need to make sure they include an instruction manual, if they don’t then that kit isn’t for you.


There are a huge number of beer making kits out on the market and even online today, so choosing one that doesn’t compromise on quality is the key to a great first brew. So your best bet is to make sure you buy a kit that is a well known brand, or a popular brand. You know that if it is already a popular kit then other like the taste of it, and it is more likely you will as well.


How much do you want to spend on beer making kit? A good kit will cost you about $ 90 and this will give you all the supplies and equipment you will need, including measuring cups, utensils and ingredients. So this first initial investment could be worth it as you can re-use all the kit over and over again and the only new things you need to buy are ingredients. Even if you don’t like the taste of that brew, you can buy ingredients for a different brew next time.


There are literally hundreds of different types of beer making kits on the market, each offering their own variety of beer, but which to choose? Lager, Stout, Ale’s are all the classics, and I would choose one of those to start with as they have a more recognisable flavour. But this is where the fun comes into home brewing, the variety is so great you can make yourself any type, such as honey beer, spicy ales, fruit beers and even experiment with a famous home brew Goat Scrotum Ale (supposedly it tastes great?)

Now you know what to look for when choosing a right kit, its time to take the next step and purchase one, so have a look online for a good kit, or even head down to your local super market, or major shopping mall – use the guidelines we suggest to to make sure you get one that suits your needs and get started brewing!

Brendan Gillen is an Online Entrepreneur who enjoys writing about his hobbies, which include Technology, Entrepreneurship, Martial Arts and Home Cooking

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