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Learn How to Brew Beer

Increasingly, people are learning how to brew beer. One of the main reasons that home brewing is a hobby for many people who enjoy it, is that there are a multitude of varieties of beer recipes and styles of beer making. While some of the brewing and fermenting steps must be followed closely, if you want to enjoy a great homemade beer, you can experiment with the ingredients and recipes to make delicious beer to suit your taste and those of your friends. In fact, the common experience is that your number of friends increases as your brewing progresses!

You can make new friends online as you join forums on the Internet to talk about how to brew beer and research new ideas for making beer. There are so many possibilities for new methods, blends and recipes which make your homemade beer really tasty for yourself and will impress your family and friends.

As a first time brewer, you can have the enjoyment of making beer at home without having to carry out research and with less expense by using one of many excellent homebrew kits. Beer making kits simplify the process of knowing which ingredients and which equipment you need for home brewing. Homebrew kits literally take all risk out of your early attempts at home brewing and allow you to easily familiarize yourself with the brewing process. The kits come with all the ingredients and instructions for a single batch of beer so the new home brewer can brew the beer and take it through the fermentation process and enjoy the fun of drinking real homemade beer in a few weeks. The beer maker’s kit also provides the basic equipment which will become the start of your collection of brewing tools which will be used repeatedly in the future..

As you gain experience, you will want to brew your own beer from scratch. Most frequently, home brewer’s use the extract method. Even though it is a frequently used method, as you are brewing your own beer rather than using a kit, you can alter the ingredients and the flavors of the beer and get a great brew every time.

You can of course use the malt extract method repeatedly and get great beers with it again and again But if you want a greater challenge, you can try the Full Mash Brew method of home brewing. This method is more complicated and the brewing process takes longer, but it gives you the possibility of making your beer even more unique and enjoyable.

Your future in the hobby of brewing beer is limitless and it is up to you which direction you take. Once you know how to brew beer, you can settle for one method of brewing which gives you an awesome beer or you can experiment and explore new brews and methods which give you a limitless variety of beers. You can use the Internet to communicate with many other friendly home brewers and there are many brewing competitions you can enter. Socially, brewing your own beer opens up great possibilities and many new friends. Let’s get started!

Bob Bell – An ex-teacher and now an education consultant. My hobbies are brewing beer, taking my two dogs for walks, playing golf and fishing. Quite a busy life!

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