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Top 5 Best Home Brewing Kits

Beer goes way back in history, back to the glory of ancient Egypt. It was invented by accident and became popular, at some point being used as a mode of payment for labor.

At one point in your life, you may have entertained the concept of brewing your own beer. You were not alone, the need to get into home brewing led to the invention of home beer brewing kits that have made people realize their ideas and put them into practice. Beer brewing kits are easy to use in the comfort of your home.

So what do you need for home brewing beer? Basically, there are essentials for every home brewing kit, they include;

  1. Brew Kettle
  2. Stirring Spoon
  3. Primary Fermenter bucket or Carboy
  4. Secondary Fermenter Carboy
  5. Thermometer
  6. Siphon
  7. Bubbler/Airlock
  8. Bottles
  9. Bottle Capper
  10. Measuring Cups

In addition, as you get into home brewing, it is best to have the following additional items;

  • Bottle Filler
  • Wort Chiller
  • Carboy Carrier
  • Blow off Hose
  • Funnel
  • Auto-siphon
  • Cleaning tools
  • Additional tubing
  • Sanitizer Bucket
  • Hydrometer
  • Wine Thief/Turkey Baster

Now let us get to the fun part;

There is a wide range of home brewing kits. Some tailored for those who are looking to get into home brewing, and some for the expert brewer. I have prepared this list of the top 5 best home brewing kits just for you.

Mr. Beer Premium Gold Edition


Mr. Beer is the guy you turn to if you are a novice. This brew kit is designed to help the beginner to brew their first beer. It comes with a fermenter, yeast, two different extracts that enable you to brew two different beers, two reusable bottles, and carbonation tablets.

All you need to add is a thermometer, large pot and sanitizer. This brewing kit enables you to brew up to 2 gallons and test your carbonation level. Never has brewing beer been so easy than now, with Mr. Beer.

Now, there are pros and cons of this wonderful equipment, and I am addressing them here so that you make an informed decision as you shop for a home beer brewer.



  • Comes inclusive with ingredients
  • Not forgetting the reusable bottles
  • Did I say it was cheap?
  • Very easy to use for those who want to get into home brewing


A sweet invention like this is without cons, unfortunately;

  • Limited to brew only 2 gallons per batch
  • You have to purchase the additions like the thermometer and sanitizer.

BSG Gold DP-GFZY-7I2K Beer Homebrew


This home brewing beer kit caught my eye when it was said to come with a primary and secondary glass fermenter. Moreover, a hydrometer to measure the percentage of alcohol in your beer and a bottling spigot with capper.

It can also be used over and over again as it comes with necessary cleaning tools. What you’ll add is just one of your own recipe!


Includes almost everything you need in a beer brewing kit, bottling, cleaning, fermenter and glass carboy.


Doesn’t include the recipe kit, the brew kettle, and the brewing bottles.

Home Brew Ohio RL-WKZ2-0IJS


If you find yourself wanting to get to home brewing, this kit is ideal for you. It not only comes with easy-to –read instructions to guide you to home brewing, but also includes all the necessary starter equipment, fermenter, and bottles.

In detail it includes; primary and secondary fermenter, cleaning kit, bottling kit, 3 piece airlock for effective anaerobic fermentation of your beer, and so much more.


Comes with a glass carboy, bottling and cleaning kit, and step by step guidelines for home brewing.


Unfortunately, it is not equipped with a brew kettle, a thermometer, and bottles.

Amber Ale Homebrew Starter Kit (Brewery in a Box)


This kit essentially comes with everything, including, kettle and spoon. This will make you overlook the fact that the secondary fermenter is plastic and not glass like the former kits. Moreover, it comes with amber ale recipe ingredients with systematic instructions.

This best home brewing kit also comes with bottle caps for your bottles, which you will just need to provide.


Comes with virtually everything; a brew kettle, amber ale recipe, bottle caps, bottling kit, and cleaning kit.


Other than the plastic secondary fermenter, which you can overlook, other missing components are a thermometer and a hydrometer.

Deluxe Home Brewing Equipment


This starter kit is the “bomb” on this list, I feel it has brought justice to home brewing. It comes with 2 glass carboys, auto-siphon, 2 adhesive thermometers, bung and airlock, a bottling bucket and spigot, bottle filler, bottle capper, cleaning equipment and more.

Also included is an instructional DVD and a recipe kit


The instructional DVD and recipe kit, 2 glass carboys, cleaning and bottling kit, and all necessary tubing is also inclusive.


Doesn’t come equipped with brew kettles, bottles, and a detachable thermometer.

Comparing Home Brew Starter Kits

In comparison, considering all the pros and cons of this wonderful list, I find myself in a dilemma since all are good and there is essentially no bad home brewing beer kits. What do you think? Perhaps you’ll have a better chance in choosing a kit suitable for you.

Remember to keep a budget in mind as you shop for one and it is always advisable to start smaller and upgrade your kit as you become an expert, more so if you aim to get into home brewing.

For the starters, beer home brewing is recommended with malt extract as this is the easiest and it only needs minimal equipment and less complex procedures. All this and still resulting in producing good, quality beer.

DIY home brewing is also relatively cheap and satisfying. None of us really like to pay for another round, knowing all too well you can make your own beer.

Clearly, brewing beer has never been this easy. Good luck and happy brewing!

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